Links of the Week April 4th

linkoftheweek Links of the Week April 4thIt’s been kind of a slow week as it was spring break at Wofford. 

Although the thread started a week ago, I still think that if you didn’t read Matt’s post last week, Social media manager … hopefully coming to a campus near you, then you missed out.  The comments lead to a great discussion and spawned this reply post by Head of Marketing , Assigning value to determine ROI.  Also if you have the time check out the rest of Head of Marketing ’s blog.  She’s been tearing it up lately with lots of excellent thought provoking content.  Finally, just last night the conversation continued over on Dennis’ blog in this post, Web, PR, Admissions = Great Discussion.  Get in on the discussion and throw your three, or only two if that’s all you have, cents around the table.

  • Powerful List of WordPress Lifesavers Plugins - Every now and then it’s good to scan threw a new list of wordpress plugins
  • The Voice of Customer: Qualitative Data as a Critical Input to Web Site Optimization - Understanding how customer satisfaction analytics fit into the web measurement ecosystem is critical for people responsible for maximizing the contribution of the website to their company’s strategic objectives.
  • IEEE task force approves power boost over Ethernet - Task force draft for 24 watts is given the go-ahead, meaning businesses will be better able to take advantage of the freedom of expansion PoE provides
  • Why Google is Scared of Social Media - Most people would tell you Google is not in anyway scared of Social Media, that they are capitalizing on it and buying some of the most successful examples.
  • Is Social Media an Impediment to Problem Solving? - So it seems to me social media is not only a facilitator for this type of interaction, in many cases it also encourages it.
  • Wikis, Blogs & More, Oh My! - Web 2.0 tools sure are nifty and ‘next-gen,’ but are they actually making a difference in the way students and educators collaborate?
  • Can Campus IT Outsource to Web 2.0? - Campuses are starting to outsource e-mail services to popular Web 2.0 mail services such as Hotmail (the pioneer), or to gMail, Yahoo Mail, or others.
  • How We Tweet: The Definitive List of the Top Twitter Clients - For this post, we looked at 37,248 tweets and found 142 different ways in which people interact with the Twitter service. Some of the results, which follow below, were rather surprising.
  • Only 2% Of Internet Traffic is ‘Raw Sewage’ - This figure, recently touted by Arbor Networks, strikes me as very low.
  • Stumpedia - Search For the People By The People - If you haven’t heard of human powered search engine, Stumpedia, you might want to give it a whirl. It is essentially a human-powered search engine with a social aspect to it.
  • 38 Social Networking Sites For Your Mobile - Mobile social networking looks like it ’s here to stay so we’ve compiled a list of 30 + social network sites you can access from your mobile phone. Now there’s no excuse for ignoring your friends.
  • Consumer Technology Poll: CIOs Still Fear Web 2.0 for the Enterprise - From blogs to wikis to hosted e-mail from Google, CIOs, on the whole, value command and control over user empowerment.
  • Convert StumbleUpon Traffic Into Regular Visitors - Four basic tips that can be applied to any content that you want to get Stumbled.
  • How to Make Your Content ‘Submit Worthy’ - ”Why won’t anyone submit my content to Digg? My competitor is always on Reddit but my stuff gets ignored!” Sound familiar? Well here’s how to put an end to your woes and ensure your content is submit worthy.
  • Google’s Mayer questions value of Social Media - Some interesting ideas about Social Media and Google’s confusing in trying to understand it.
  • Getting University News Picked Up by Google News - Drew shares a nice little article for Universities, or anybody for that matter, to get more news coverage online.
  • 74 Great Web Apps for Web Designers we have forgotten about - The amount of Web Based Apps available are phenomenal, some we forget about …some we are glad we forgot about…others are handy to bookmark for another day…and there are a few that are just silly. Enjoy these.
  • 10 things IT needs to know about Ajax - As Ajax becomes more popular, IT shops will need to watch for security, network performance issues in new Ajax applications
  • Google Offers Robots.txt Generator - Google’s rolled out a new tool at Google Webmaster Central, a robots.txt generator. It’s designed to allow site owners to easily create a robots.txt file…
  • How To Sell “Mom and Pop” On SEO Services - I think what is so interesting about this post is it translates so well to Higher Education. Break it down into small bite size and easy to understand chunks.
  • The Multichannel Analytics Team? - An interesting post and it provokes thoughts about how internal database reporting can/should work with web analytics in a colleges plans.
  • Should I Change My Website Into a Blog? - Problogger weighs the pros and cons of starting a blog after you already have an established site.
  • Decline Of US Newspapers Accelerating - Figures released by the Newspaper Association of America show that the decline of newspapers is more rapid than previously thought, with total print advertising revenue inplunging 9.4% to $42 billion compared to 2006, the biggest drop in revenue sin

That should just about do it.  Hopefully everyone doesn’t spend to much time reading through all these and they get in some Final Four action.  Also the baseball season has started and from a Braves fan perspective the Mets rolling into Atlanta promises to be an exciting series.

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