4 Takeaway Tips to Build Relationships

four leaf clover 4 Takeaway Tips to Build RelationshipsToday is my last day at Wofford.  Kind of surreal, but I wanted to take the time to give you four tips that apply to internet marketing and web development, but if you take a step back they actually apply to life in general rather well.  So take it as development, social media, personal branding or whatever I hope you are able to get some value from these rules I strive to live by.  So here we go:

  1. Keep It Simple Stupid. The KISS rule.  It is so easy to over complicate anything and everything.  I’m one of the worst at this because I’m always looking for all the angles and holes in something, but at the end of the day do not over complicate things.  Always make sure to step back and look at the big picture and ask yourself what you are trying to accomplish.  If you ever find yourself in a very complicated situation and feel overwhelmed do the same thing…  take a step back and ask yourself how can I simplify this.

    For your web audience if you can’t figure it out there is definitely no way they will be able to.  Keep design clean, clear, and simple.  I would utilize a basic text site that has correct and accurate information 100% of the time over a fancy flash site that was listing dates from last month because it was too complicated to update.  Think craigslist, google.

  2. It’s not about you and what you want. I’ve said this many times before.  In marketing it simply doesn’t matter what you want your site to look like and do if the customer/client doesn’t like it or does what they want it to.  You have this super great idea for a new product but if it doesn’t provide value to other people they won’t care.  Yes it might matter to you which can be great if that is your goal.  People will tell you want they want and care about if you ask.  Never be afraid to get input and check your ego and opinions at the door.
  3. Am I adding Value? Why should anyone care? Don’t clutter your site with unnecessary content.  If you are interested in personal branding don’t clutter your twitter lifestream with posts that you are going to bed or about to eat for lunch unless it’s absolutely unique and incredible.  Yes I preach the “just do it approach“, but always take a step back before hitting the publish option and ask yourself this simple question.  Does this add value?  Before you go add a new page to a site just because someone thinks it should be up on the web step back and ask if it adds value.  Yes I know the web allows for the long tail of being everything for everyone, but remember rule #1 above.  Everything you post online is out there for everyone to see so you want to make sure that it reflects the best possible of you or your brand at all times.
  4. If you don’t care 110% why should anyone else care even 10%? If it doesn’t show that you care about what your doing to others then they aren’t going to care either.  Be Passionate!  If you are going to do it well go all out, but if you don’t truly have the interest in something then it could do you more harm than good.  In Yoda talk…  “There is no try only do or do not”.  If you are going to start a blog then commit yourself to it.  Getting into a huge new site design well jump in and get others exciting by adding value and showing that you really care.  I’m not saying you should not ever dabble or tinker with new stuff, but once your ready to commit don’t look back.

You know I’m not a married man, but I would say that these tips would probably work pretty well in a marriage.  I guess if anything I would have to classify these as relationship building tips.  Also as I’ve frequently said “Social Media = Relationships” so if your looking to get into Social Media the tools aren’t what is important it is building those individual relationships.  Figure out what you want to build and with whom then choose the tool(s).

Trust is a result of a strong relationship.  Branding and awareness is the result of a relationship.  So now that you have a basic outline go out there and build relationships and focus on the best tools to accomplish that.

ocm group picture 4 Takeaway Tips to Build Relationships

Finally in closing I’ve made some great friendships at Wofford over the last decade, I can’t even believe I’m one semester shy of ten years as a student and employee.  It has been a very special and important time in my life.  So to everyone and especially these (yes those in the picture above) wonderful people in Wofford’s Office of Communication and Marketing I wish you the best!  Live long and prosper.

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  1. Says:

    Au revoir! Best of luck. Thanks for the memories.

    But seriously, keep in touch.

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    Actually, speaking as someone who’s been married for (almost) 25 years (to the same person), I’d say that these pretty good tips for relationships, Kyle, even intimate relationships. Especially #4. I look forward to meeting you FTF on Monday. And, for the record, best of luck in Boston!

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    Wish you the best at Hubspot!

    Continue to inspire. thanks for the keychain, got it today.

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    Thanks guys. I have a whole month before I have to go to work in another office. Sure doesn’t seem like time off though…

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    great tips. I concur. all good stuff.

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    oh.. breaks my heart, its really sad when someone is saying goodbye.. but anyways.. I will surely keep in mind what you had said, it will surely be a good memory of you.. thanks man!

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      I really have enjoyed reading your post - very informative and useful information without a bunch of BS!
      I’ll be sure to give this URL to some friends

      Thanks Again

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    Kyle: is this a move onto bigger and better things? I hope so. You’ve got a lot of potential and it’s great to see you branching out, though I’m sure your colleagues at Wofford will miss you.

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    Thanks for such a nice post..I am also of the view that you need to keep your customer in mind what he wants not yourself..

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      Just wanted to say that I really liked your blog & Thanks for keeping it on point!

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      Thanks For keeping it on point!

      Best Regards

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      Thanks For keeping it on point!

      Best Regards

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    Great tips and advice. Relationships are key to happiness in life, yet one of the most difficult areas for people to excel. I totally agree with the over-analyzing bit.

  10. Says:

    Kyle, what a very brilliant idea! I agree, trust is a result of a strong relationship. It is exactly the firm foundation of every good relationship. Anyway, thanks for the tips you have shared. It will be very helpful. More post to come! :P

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    Thanks for this tips. I find it very informative. Two thumbs up!

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    I feel like I give 110% but I don’t think that it matters unless I’m doing it wisely. For example, in golf you can swing as hard as you can and hit it out of bounds!

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    Building a strong relationship really is not that difficult as long as you don’t go into it expecting the Moon from the other person. I vividly remember thinking that my wife Jesse was going to be my “beck-and-call” girl when we got married. Of course this lead to alot of our problems, including a short separation.

    A friend of mine told me about a guy who put together a guide on how to win your wife back, so I figure “What the hell” and got it. Wow, all this time I was being a total jerk.

    All too often people go at marriage with blinders on expecting that it will be all sunshine and rainbows, when all they’ve really done is swatted at a hornets nest. Fortunately, with a little bit of self-control and alot of pride-swallowing, you can make a marriage something that will truly last a lifetime.

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    ..i agree. trust is the number one thing that you have to your partner! relationship will be weak without it!

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    not only love is important but also trust. nice post!

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    Thanks for sharing this article Kyle, I agree with you, TRUST is really important when building a relationship, may be it in business or your love life. I’m married for 10 years now and I’m proud to say that love and trust are the key to our strong relationship. Merry Christmas

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    Good advice thanks.Relationship Guide Blog

  18. Says:

    Thank you for posting this and keeping it all in perspective. These tips are great…

  19. Says:

    Top tips indeed. Can I add, please please create unique content. If you can’t, at least mix PLR with original content. No one likes a re-hasher (if thats a word?).

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    Thanks for this neat relationship advice. It may just help mine out. Thank you again!

  21. Says:

    Great tips Kyle. It’s amazing how straight-forward it is to build relationships and how little we practice these skills. I’ve found that building relationships is often about how we feel about ourselves inside. The more confident and self-aware we are the more likely we are to enjoy positive interactions with others.


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