LiveVideoU: Changing the Way a Prospective Student Views your Campus

live video u banner LiveVideoU: Changing the Way a Prospective Student Views your Campus

UPDATE October 20,:  LiveVideoU has been rebranded to CollegeClickTV so just substitute that throughout this post.

Wofford recently had Tamara Thompson who freelances for LiveVideoU visit Wofford and shoot some video for this new website.  Instead of trying to explain LiveVideoU on my own I asked Tamara a few questions and she was kind enough to answer them.  I think this new site could be an excellent resource for prospective students to learn about your college.  Because Live Video U handles everything, including the cost, it’s a no-brainer to get onboard and because it’s not associated with your school, prospective students can get an unbiased view about what it’s like to be a student.

Onto the interview:

Question - How would you describe T-TV to someone?

Answer - T-TV is the name of my freelance video production business.  I shoot broadcast quality video for use on television stations and the internet.  I also provide script writing and editing services in order to offer complete video productions.  Since it’s inception in 2007, completed productions have aired on WYFF-TV, WSPA-TV, WYCW-TV, WHNS-TV, Charter Cable, and the Internet.

The Pere Partnership, Inc. located in New York City contracts my services to shoot at various colleges and universities from coast to coast in the United States.  They are the web designer for LiveVideoU, an online video storehouse for interviews with students, faculty and citizens of many colleges and universities across the nation.  T-TV was pleased to shoot at Wofford College earlier this year, and interviews can be viewed at  Glenn Pere, President and CEO of the Pere Partnership, has given Wofford College permission to link to his website.

live video u screenshot LiveVideoU: Changing the Way a Prospective Student Views your Campus

Q - It looks like the site is designed to help prospective students learn more about colleges, care to elaborate?

A - The LiveVideoU website is a great resource for high school seniors or any prospective students to get a taste of the sights and sounds of college life.  By viewing actual interviews with willing individuals who are living, working or attending school at the various sites, viewers can get a real taste of what it’s like to be there.  “Real advice from real people”, is how I’d describe the site.

Q - It looks like the site is setup with social bookmarking in mind? Are you seeing a lot of use with that?

A - I don’t know what the figures are for social bookmarking, since I am not the creator of the site, but I’d invite anyone to log on and experience it for themselves.

Q - How would a school go about getting video added to the site? It’s free?

A - If a school is interested in inclusion on the site, they can contact me, or contact the website.  I would be glad to offer my services to the Pere Partnership for any school that is interested in getting video made to post.  It doesn’t cost the school anything, since the site is not sponsored by the schools.  Because of this, I am free to get the real story without being censored by a school’s administration.  I think this makes the LiveVideoU site unique, as it shows the genuine attitude that participants have toward their school and their community.  I only wish I had thought of it first!

Thank you Tamara for spending the time to talk with me and keep up the great work!  From the work that she did for Wofford I can tell you that this is a great service and LiveVideoU is not trying to project your institution in a negative light, just get the real story from the students.  It is in your institutions best interest to assist in providing students to talk to, and something that I would recommend.  LiveVideoU is fine working under these parameters so it’s a win win for all!

11 Responses to “LiveVideoU: Changing the Way a Prospective Student Views your Campus”

  1. Says:

    wow. this is really interesting. We’ve got plans to film 10-15 short videos with students, for our recruitment site, and this a great place to get ideas.

    For the most part these are REAL people, and I would imagine that a high school student wouldn’t necessarily feel they were being marketed to.

  2. Says:

    Most of these ARE real people. I am concerned, however, at the alarming growth of androids on campus. I hope Ms. Thompson turns on the ADC (Android Detection Circuit) in her camera.

  3. Says:

    Good stuff Kyle, saw these guys on campus at Oklahoma State and Kansas State last fall. First thought: Shady Bunch, and when sampling the site, wasn’t wildly impressed with the content.. But as far idea of the business model, I love it..

  4. Says:

    FJ, I think some schools did it to themselves. I watched a good portion of the Wofford stuff and I thought we were represented really well. I’ve seen some stuff on other schools, that my only comment was WOW. That’s why at the end of the post I suggested that you provide guidance. I saw some videos of students getting interviewed in bars and it isn’t a stretch to assume they were inebriated. Definitely not the individuals you want representing your college to potential students… or maybe it is?

    I guess they are counting for more students to watch the videos than parents.

  5. Says:

    This is fake. All of it. A giant ploy to sell A worthless website.

  6. Says:

    What a garbage website. It’s just talking heads! Let people see footage of the campus. I dont wanna stare at some fat frat boys chins the entire time.

  7. Says:

    I made sure I turned on my camera’s Android Detection Circuit (ADC) prior to shooting in California (Cal Poly State), because those California Androids have ways to imitate real people!

    Soon to be posted … Coastal Carolina University near Myrtle Beach. No ADC needed in SC.

    Thanks for your comments.

  8. Says:

    I looked at the site, and thought one thing: I wish this was available to me while going through my decision process. The videos seem to be true and effective at portraying a schools culture. Yea Princeton Review and CollegeBoard are great but they can’t give you this info. Info that is of the utmost importance when making the biggest decision of your life. Whether it’s a nightlife video or which dorm has air conditioning video or a prof talking about what kind of students make it in his class are all cool and important. These seem all authentic, no voice-over, no background music just the real stuff.

  9. Says:

    I’ve recently been looking into getting into college. This site could be useful.

  10. Says:

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  11. Says:

    Pere Partnership is a very dedicated company I love to work with them