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blogs wofford edu banner Blog Upgrade: Student Video BloggerStarting in January we tried something a little different with our First Year Student blogs. As I’ve reported before I had a hunch that prospective students care more about videos, where their parents are more likely to read the student blogs. In a creative effort and some good collaboration we were able to combine the two into a student video blog! Now keep in mind you have to find the correct student to be able to carry on something like this, but I think it’s provided a very unique perspective of the campus and our Study Abroad program.

fye banner Blog Upgrade: Student Video Blogger

Tyler Swain, who just finished up his freshman year at Wofford, was our video blogger and the results were extremely interesting. Instead of getting to much into the details, which you can watch over on Tyler’s Video blog. I’m just going to include a few of the videos. A little bit more background before watching these videos is that Tyler originally was going to just blog during his month long trip abroad during our Interim semester over January. It was very successful so we wanted to give it a shot over a full semester to get a little different take on activities on campus. Here is some of the videos that I’m glad to share! Hopefully you will enjoy them as much as we have.

The intro Video that explains how this started

Closing out the study abroad trip

The intro to the Second Semester

This last video is Tyler covering a recent on-campus event

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    Wow, the production work is done really well on these. I’m sure finding good candidates was tough, but did you have them edit their own video as well?

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    @ Nick,

    Yup Tyler did all the editing himself. Basically we setup the blog and gave him access to publish the videos and showed him how to embed on the blog and let him run. He did coordinate with our Video team including helping fill in for some spots, like the Terrio.

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    I cant see the videos, am i missing a plugin?

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    Videos don’t working..

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    i really want to study in australia, thanks for this article, i hope this article give me new idea and spirit