Upcoming Bronto E-mail Marketing Webcast with this guy!

mailshot screenshot Upcoming Bronto E mail Marketing Webcast with this guy!Just a quick heads up to inform people about an upcoming webcast that I’m doing next week with the awesome people at Bronto. Sign-up for the webcast next Tuesday, May 20th at 2pm EDT.

The webcast is going to look at ways to maximize your email marketing campaign to drive traffic back to your website and through social media channels. Pulling a little excert from the post:

With the foresight that not all videos, blog posts, or updates are valuable to their email list, email marketing gives Wofford the ability to select and choose the most valuable and applicable communications to promote through email. For example, to promote an upcoming alumni event, Wofford sent out an email campaign, which included a video of the previous event. In addition to a snail mail promoting the event, Wofford leveraged the power of email marketing and interactive media, which resulted in doubling the event participation from the previous year.

Read the full post over on the Bronto blog, Social Media: Beyond the Buzz.

bronto webinar Upcoming Bronto E mail Marketing Webcast with this guy!One quick point that I would like to push is that your Email Marketing campaign should always have a focus of driving traffic back to the website. This might not be specific purpose of every individual email, but there should always be call to action elements to drive traffic back to your site. Engaging your market through email and having prominent call to action links to other offerings throughout the email should be a focus. The webcast promises to be entertaining, because I won’t let it get dull or boring! Hopefully you will also learn something about ways to optimize your email campaigns and if your institution is thinking about getting into email marketing then this webcast is a must attend. Hope to see you there!

Sign-up for the webcast next Tuesday, May 20th at 2pm EDT

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