Talkback: Trusting Your Users

Talkback: Trusting Your Users

First off, a special thanks to HighEdWeb and Cornell for having the .eduGuru team present virtually at their conference yesterday. It was a good time and a great experience getting to do something a little new and fancy with sharing our experiences with other people.  I certainly hope that we can expand on that technique in the future.

For those that missed it, I did a short session as part of social media storytelling on putting your faith and trust in your users, because inherently they can take on social media without your guidance. That is to say, if you don’t have the resources to REALLY tackle social media, then don’t half-a** it.  It’s an arena that is best served by all or nothing.

I’ve attached the video from my presentation below (about 9 minutes).  What I’d love to see you, the readers, do, is get our your camcorders or webcams, and record a short video response and post it up on YouTube.  Share your thoughts, suggestions, opinions, or disagreements.  Tell others what your experiences have been.  Let’s use some social media to talk about social media.  And if you can’t record video, feel free to comment as always!

Also, if you want to catch the whole session, you can view the recorded UStream of all the .eduGuru social media storytelling below. It’s about an hour long in total.  The slideshow is also available (or via SlideShare).

Social Media Storytelling with the .eduGurus
View more presentations from Rachel Reuben.

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