[Guru Survey] Are Classes In Your Toolbox?

[Guru Survey] Are Classes In Your Toolbox?

Good budgeting includes doing effective resource management. The web has to produce a lot of different media, and so making the most of our resources is extremely important. This is becoming increasingly important as we’re asked to do more with less. The neat thing about higher ed though is that we have access to a resource that our unique to our environment: students.

Recently, Nick DeNardis did some research into the state of university web departments. This is the next in our series of surveys, and we’re looking to see if and how you are using students to help create content for the web. This is not without a twist, however. We’re not looking at students that are employees for you, but rather the classes that teach areas relevant to the web, such as graphic design, photography, marketing, programming, etc.

Classes provide an awesome opportunity to use coursework to foster an environment of creativity, provide opportunities to the students, and create content you might not otherwise have the ability too with normal, limited resources. Not everyone can keep a full time coder, or writer, and Flash developer on staff. With the right coordination however, you could get far beyond your normal means. So, take about four minutes to help out the community and fill out the survey below (even if you don’t work with classes, we want to know that too). The survey will be open through the end of the month, and the results will be published after the start of the new year.

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    Ken Soto Says:

    MIchael - a very timely survey for me, as we’re exploring the possibility of having students participate in content creation and management for projects we’re developing. Not very encouraging so far, I’m afraid. Looking forward to seeing your results.


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