WhippleHill Summit Slides: SEO Best Practices: Hitting the Low Hanging Fruit

This morning I did a webinar for the WhippleHill Summit.  It was suppose to be part of a conference for independent schools in Nashville, TN, but because of the recent floods the whole conference was canceled.  The team at WhippleHill still wanted to do the presentations from the conference any way possible so they keep many of the presentations and did them in a webinar format.  I was happy to do it.

The slides of the presentation are below.  I will say that this is mostly the same presentation that I will be giving at HighEdWeb later this year in Cincinnati if you want to get a sneak preview.  To all the individuals who attended the webinar today, welcome to .eduGuru!

If you would like to know A LOT more about SEO we have a whole section on this website about SEO for education websites.

SEO Best Practices: Hitting the Low Hanging Fruit
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    very good!


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    Vernon Says:

    Great presentation. Very indepth information. The topic can be rather complicated but you seem to cover all the bases in a way that can be understood. Great post!


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