Don’t Make Me Tweet at #heweb10 – The Video

After last years Great Keynote Meltdown the HighEdWeb conference committee was very was in tough position to choose a keynote speaker for theconference.  They changed it up bringing back some of their best presentations from the past few years (thank you for choosing me to come back and represent with my Web Analytics Presentation!).  So here we are all looking forward to Steve’s Krug’s keynote and his words of wisdom.  The Great Keynote Enlightenment of 2010!

If you aren’t at the event this short video by HigherEdExperts guru Karine Joly is a great example of feeding off last years buzz to create an entertaining, but effective marketing video to introduce Steve Krug.  For anyone who doesn’t know who Steve Krug is you should absolutely read his book Don’t Make Me Think.

As always Todd Sanders cracks everyone up before handing it over to a group of Higher Education Web Rockstars:

  • Matt Herzberger
  • Shelley Keith
  • Associate Director
  • Director of Web Communication
  • Mark Greenfield
  • Shelby Thayer
  • Web ManagerRichwalsky
  • and The Ninja

Hey we can never go wrong with a ninja in a video!  Enjoy the video.

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