Web Analytics

If you are new to Web Analytics and you are looking for a place to start.  This is the resource that you have been looking for.  Much has been written about the subject on this blog.  Let’s see if we can’t put some organization to the information.

The below presentation will get  you thinking, but all the posts below well be what truly turns you into an Analytics Rockstar!

Crash Course Introduction to Web Analytics

All Things Google Analytics

Case Studies and Putting Everything Together

Some other Sections to check out

Top Web Analytics Blogs

  1. Occam’s Razor - This blog by Google’s very own Avinash Kaushik is a must add to the feed-reader.  Avinash wrote “Web Analytics: An Hour A Day” which is a must read book in Analytics circles.  Read any post on his blog and you will feel like a smarter individual.  MUST READ.
  2. Trending Updwards - Fellow Higher Education Blogger Shelby Thayer is a Web Analytics guru and gives her perspective and tips for the Higher Education Community.
  3. The Official Google Analytics Blog - this blog is surprising updated quite regularly and every gem posted is must know material.
  4. Analytics Talk - This blog is only posted to when something really helpful or important comes out so it’s something to add to the feed-reader for those really important tips when they come out.
  5. Web Analytics World - Although this blog isn’t specifically about Google Analytics the author, Manoj Jasra, does a great job of regularly summarizing some of the industry news in the analytics world.