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Wow a packed out room had me a little stoked but then I realized that those people were there to hear me talk so the pressure was on to say something smart and not waste there time.  I was honestly worried that I wouldn’t make it through all 66 slides in the presentation, but I think it worked out just about perfect finishing with just about five minutes and some great questions.  In an effort to get this up quick I want to thank everyone for comingyou rock my socks off!  Thank you so much for your support and encouragement.

Use the links in the slides to go to specific blog posts.  Also this tells me what pieces of my presentation I should spend more time on next time around.  Remember guys “Always Be Testing!

Also if you want to see any of my other presentations like introduction to Social Networks or Email Marketing for Higher Education check out my Slideshare pageNOTE: You can download my presentations off the Slideshare site where I’ve also got some additional note on at least the Web Analytics Slides.

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    @Kyle, really good info at the presentation. You not only rocked my face off at guitar hero night, you did a good job giving all the info on analytics. I’m going to take that info back to our webmaster.

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    Hey Kyle,

    Thanks for sharing the presentation. I can’t wait to look at it.

    The chatter on Twitter regarding it was all very positive.

    Too bad you didn’t podcast it. I heard so much about your accent! : )


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    Podcast would have been great. I wish I could say that I am going to take all this knowledge and implement it ASAP but our current resources will not allow it. However, I will be going through your presentation in detail and learning as much as possible.

    Now come down to Miami and be our Web Director. LOL

    Great job Kyle.

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    @susan - Keep practicing Guitar Hero and take out Fienen next time then we’ll see if your ready for me!

    @Shelby - I’m sure there isn’t anything I presented on that you don’t already know better. Picture of me with Web Analytics an Hour A Day

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    GG Best in Track!

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    66 slides in an hour? That’s crazy! Sounds like you pulled it off though.

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    I’m bummed that I wasnt able to make it to this presentation as I had really been looking forward to seeing you present. Luckily my colleague was able to attend. I know he was extremely excited (and a bit scared) after it was over and is anxious to implement what you presented.

    We should meet and discuss at some point. There is information from your presentation that I would like to incorporate into my presentation. Also, we’ve done some google “hacking” and I like your take on what we’ve done and how we can incorporate it in with what you presented.

    good lord! 66 slides? How in the world did you get all of that in under 45 minutes??? You should have won a “fastest speaker” award!

    It was great meeting you and I hope we end up running into each other at future conferences!

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    @Kevin & Paul - The advantage was that I had written about 95% of what I presented so it’s kind of easy to burn through tagging, tracking, and filter tags because I can always tell people if you really want to learn more then go read the blog post. Of course you needs months in advance and lots of time writing to get to that point. You don’t even want to know how much time I spent on that presentation.

    Word on the street is that others are going to start incorporating this trick of mentioning something in their presentation that leads back to blog posts. I totally encourage everyone to steal my one good idea. It also helps you measures what people care about AND send traffic to your blog with a solid chance of them converting into new readers.

    And now I just have to keep the quality content coming. *sigh*