Case V: The Web Analytics Presentation

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First, I would like to welcome any new visitors that Case V was your first introduction to .eduGuru.  I hope you will subscribe to our RSS feed or sign up for email updates on the right side navigation.  There is a lot to learn and good engagment and discussion that takes place on this blog.  I hope that you will also join the conversation?

Introducing Departmental Resource Guides

So .eduGuru has had a few resource departments that you might not have noticed.  Yes I’m talking about the Social MarketingBookshelfResources, and Links tabs there at the top of the page.  We are also in the process of developing other guides that will consist of a nice orderly arrangement of posts from the blog in a walkthrough or course type approach to help organize the wealth of content already posted to this blog.  Web Analytics is the newest guide and one that I hope you will checkout.  All the great posts by others and myself that fit into a analytical mold are ordered and in the resource page.  So checkout the Web Analytics for Higher Education resource page today.

The Presentation Slides

Here is the latest revision on my Web Analytics for Higher Education Presentation.  Enjoy and once again welcome to any of you that are new to .eduGuru.

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5 Responses to “Case V: The Web Analytics Presentation”

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    Founder- I like the resource tabs you’ve started here. Good move! Are you interested in suggestions from readers regarding other books? You’ve got some good ones listed there, but I’d suggest a few others as optional (if not required) reading.

  2. Says:

    I guess the books are just ones that have been reviewed on the site, but if you have some reading suggestions your thoughts are always welcome! Haven’t really done one in a while, but it’s come up in discussion that we should be doing more of them.

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    The presentation slides were very attractive.Web analytics involves analysis of visitor behavior, in order to evaluate and improve the web channel.

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    Great presentation. I still think that the key is to know how to use the data to improve conversions.

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