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Eight years ago, Head of Marketing fell into the world of college admissions. A web developer by trade, she quickly became interested in how the web could be utilized for student recruitment. Her years of experimentation in this areas such as email marketing, social media strategy, analytics, content strategy and return on investment analysis helped to pioneer many of the online recruitment strategies considered best practice today. 

Today, Head of Marketing consults with colleges around the world to execute integrated marketing campaigns for everything from recruitment through alumni relations and development. Head of Marketing also teaches courses on Internet marketing and strategy at Champlain College as adjunct faculty. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Communication from Boston University, a Master of Business Administration from Norwich University, and is pursuing a Ph.D. in Psychology from Capella University.

To quote a friend of hers: "Head of Marketing is a super rad ninja marketing genius who will make your target demographic submit to your every whim through sheer willpower. Oh, and she's smarter than you."  We're not sure about the smarter part, but "super rad ninja" is true enough.

Compulsory disclaimer: The views expressed in Head of Marketing 's posts are hers and hers alone, and do not represent those of anyone she earns a paycheck from. Yes, it's true - the girl has a mind of her own. 

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An Interview with Inigral CEO Director of Web MarketingStaton

Wednesday, February 9,


You’d have to be living under a rock this morning to not hear the news that The Gates Foundation has invested in Inigral, the creators of Schools on Facebook. Why is this important? It’s the first time The Foundation has made an investment in a for profit company. And it happens to be a company [...]

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Why Less is More in College Admissions

Tuesday, January 18,


Less is more. The idea that an admissions office shouldn’t try to appeal to ALL prospective students but rather focus on the RIGHT students - the ones that are the best fit for the institution - seems like a simple idea. Unfortunately, too many admissions offices out there still play the numbers game.

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Announcing the .eduGuru Summit!

Thursday, January 13,


Ever since I joined .eduGuru back in 2008, we’ve been talking about doing a conference of some sort. Well, we finally got our act together. Mark your calendars -  we are partnering with Environments for Humans to bring you the .eduGuru Summit on March 22-23! This two day online conference will feature the all stars [...]

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What Colleges Can Learn From the Insane Clown Posse

Tuesday, December 21,


True confession: When I was in high school, and up through college, I was near borderline obsessed with the Insane Clown Posse. Yes, I own the t-shirts. Yes, I’ve painted my face. Yes, I’ve been to the concerts and have been covered in soda. And though my musical tastes have shifted in more recent years, [...]

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Can’t Make it to Stamat’s Integrated Marketing: Technology Conference? Think Again!

Monday, October 18,


Fall is certainly prime time for the best in higher education conferences. With HighEdWeb and EDUCAUSE already in the bag, this week the spotlight turns to the Stamat’s Integrated Marketing: Technology Conference, aka #simtech10. And while the conference is seriously not to be missed, there are probably a lot of folks out there who simply [...]

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My top takeaways from #heweb10

Friday, October 15,


Wow. Just wow. Another year, another epic HighEdWeb conference. This is truly becoming my “must attend” event of the year (and, yes kids, I place it at a much higher premium than things like South By Southwest or An Event Apart). The caliber of the presentations this year blew me away, and I’m kind of [...]

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Social Media Recruitment: Do prospects really use it??

Wednesday, August 4,


Research- it’s a great way to find out what’s going on in recruitment today. In the past few weeks, several reports have been released that give us a picture of where high school students are looking for information when searching for colleges. This research is a great way to see how recruitment is trending on [...]

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E-Expectations: How to Focus Your Online Recruiting Efforts

Thursday, July 15,


Yesterday, Noel-Levitz released it’s latest E-Expectations Report about what college-bound students are looking for in terms of online engagement during the admissions process. They surveyed more than 1,000 high school students about their online behavior and expectations. As usual, it contained a wealth of information about where colleges should consider focusing their efforts. Here are [...]

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Phone Calls Too Impersonal for Today’s Prospects?

Thursday, May 6,


I taught two classes at Champlain College this semester, both of which wrapped up last week. For one of the classes, an advanced course for seniors called Internet Issues and Strategies, students had to write a final paper/case study about an organization using technology in an innovative way….and wouldn’t you know it but one of [...]

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Borders Email FAIL (and how colleges can avoid the same mistake)

Tuesday, March 23,


Borders, Borders, Borders. :::sigh::: You know that normally I’m a fan of your email. I always talk about you understanding creating value for the user during my Five Commandments of Email Marketing presentation. But yesterday, you let me down. I woke up bright and early to get an email from you with the following subject line: [...]

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