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Links of the Week: 5 Higher Ed Web Blogs You Probably Haven’t Heard of Worth Reading

Friday, August 8,


So last week was probably the first time in six months that I didn’t have a weekly links of the weeks post and I’m going to keep that trend an additional week. Part of being a good blogger is being a good reader and finding out what is going on out in the blogosphere and [...]

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eduWEBReflections II

Monday, July 28,


Finally yesterday my luggage arrived at GSP Airport four days after I last dropped it off in Philly.  It was a short lived time of rejoicing.  It’s been a challenging weekend as I visited my family and going through my father’s will and discussing moving issues and passing on his car; he won’t need it [...]

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Links of the Week July 19th

Saturday, July 19,


I know I missed publishing these on Friday like normal, but it’s been a very difficult last few days.  Long story short my father was performing a funeral Thursday morning when he collapsed and was taken to the hospital.  I just returned from the Greenwood hospital spending the morning with him.  He’s in good spirits, [...]

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Missed Opportunities for College Dorm Searches, Part 1

Thursday, July 10,


Over on FJ’s Higher Education Photography for Recruitment Blog he just made an excellent post about Missed Opportunity for Higher Ed.  I wasn’t even half way through his short but valuable post before light bulbs started going off in my head.  (Hey FJ thanks for the mention and hopefully this post will help fulfill some [...]

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Links of the Week June 20th

Friday, June 20,


Since the week started out with such a powerful debate about Higher Education bloggers and their need to market themselves…  hum…  I better just leave it at that.  If you missed out and want to read the whole conversation head on over to Andrew’s post Higher Ed Bloggers: Show Your Power! and you can follow [...]

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Links of the Week May 2nd

Friday, May 2,


Busy busy busy week… and I’m not really even sure why? I’ve got some really good projects and posts in the work to share if I can only find time to complete them and then write about them.

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Introducing Blog High Ed: Aggregating the Best of Higher Ed Blogs

Tuesday, February 5,


Matt Herzberger and Brad Ward are the creators of a nice new website called Blog High Ed.

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Links of the Week Feb 1st

Friday, February 1,


Here’s the weekly wrap-up of worthly tech news and a few extra tidbits. Lots of great news and articles this week! By far the biggest news of the week just happened this morning with Microsoft agreeing to buy Yahoo (links below). I’ve been telling people for the last month now that Yahoo was the perfect [...]

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