Links of the Week: 5 Higher Ed Web Blogs You Probably Haven’t Heard of Worth Reading

So last week was probably the first time in six months that I didn’t have a weekly links of the weeks post and I’m going to keep that trend an additional week. Part of being a good blogger is being a good reader and finding out what is going on out in the blogosphere and rest of the web world. This is the 100th post on .eduGuru and I like to think it’s reached a certain level of success and that would have never been possible without others linking to this site and the wondeful community. The Higher Education Blog community has definitely kicked into a higher gear these six months and I’ve found lots of people out there who are also writing great blogs about our niche.  Here are five Higher Education blogs that you have probably never heard of, but are definitely worth checking out.  Some of them are rather new and the content so far is wonderful stop on by and show your support to your fellow Higher Ed Web people.

Higher Education Blogs

  1. Higher Ed Web Marketing - Paul Redfern has been blogging for a few months now and really hits it out of the park on some things that really get to all of us.  His variety of forward thinking and simply plain reality of what we deal with posts are great to find out what another is looking towards and dealing with on a regular basis.
  2. Marketing, Communications and Technology - Eddie Merille has also been blogging regularly for a few months.  I’ve found his introduction to Issuu to be of specific value to Wofford along with his posts on social media and other subjects.  Eddie is a little bit of a iPhone junkie like a lot of the rest of you, but I’ll forgive him for that.  Heck maybe I’m the only one who doesn’t drool over the iPhone?
  3. Big Glorious Mess - This new creation by David Baker has some well thought through posts.  David has already shared some valuable insight about how to look at situations and deal with this “big glorious mess” that is Higher Education Web.
  4. Wayne State Web Communications Blog - I’m not sure if Associate Director is the only blogger on this one, but he does a good job sharing lots of valuable links and posting some of the really cool web projects that they work on at Wayne State.
  5. Trending Upwards - I actually just found this blog the other day, but Shelby Thayer is on a mission to provide quality content regularly on a subject that is of incredible interest to me, web analytics.  I’m so glad to see someone else in Higher Education really digging in and sharing knowledge about this incredibly important but often overlooked subject in Higher Education.
  6. uTodd - I know that I only said five blogs, but Todd Sanders has to be one of the funniest guys out in the Higher Education Web arena.  Ok I’m probably biased because he joined the Trashball ranks and posted an absolutely hilarious video of The UWGB Trashball Championship Series.

If you’re a new blog drop a comment and I’ll be sure to check it out.

Finally since we’re already on Trashball and I just gave the link to Todd’s Trashball video here’s a video Brad @ SquarePeg put together challenging Wofford’s Mascot to a game.  I couldn’t get the Wofford Terrier to respond, but my dog Skip definitely responded.

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    Thanks for the shout out!

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    5 out of 6, not bad. Had not seen the Wayne State Blog yet. I was going to do a similar post to announce some bloggers that I have been chatting with, I’ll be sure to link back to this list as well. Waiting on them to get some more content up! Thanks for sharing, and thanks for the Butler Blue II shoutout.

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    Thanks so much for the mention, Kyle!

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    I agree with Brad, 5 out of the 6 are pretty good. Congrats on the 100th post!

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    @Paul & Shelby - Keep up the good work guys, it’s the least I could do is help you get some exposure. I know how hard it is to start a blog and get on the map. You definitely have at least one loyal reader.

    @Brad - is that 5 out of 6 you knew about? I’m sure you know of a lot that I mentioned. Heck you found this little blog way back in the day as the first commenter. Get your shoutout, I’m curious about who else is out there that I don’t know about. There are a few guys from eduWEB who are starting up also that aren’t far away.

    @Todd - So what’s the not good one? ;)

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    Congrats Kyle. I have enjoyed reading the blog and look forward to the next 100.

    BTW, don’t forget that the funniest always have a great sidekick! I put the laughs in that UWGB video…literally. ;)

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    @Paula - touche! :)

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    Great list again, as usual. Congrats on 100th blog!

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    I made a link of the week!! I guess I should update my blog. LOL

    Thanks Kyle. I am registering for the November Stamats Event. See you in St. Petersburg.

    I will have some good posts in September as we wrap up our university’s logo changes, sum up the research Stamats is doing for us, and get ready to hire a web team.

    I will post the web position once it goes through.

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    WOW thanx great info. :)

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    I’ve held the position of web designer now for almost a year and the trials and tribulations have motivated me to speak up about the issues that confront me (and perhaps you too). Visit and, as always, leave a comment to begin a conversation.

    -Web Manageraka Heavywinter

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    Congrats on the 100th post! Web Manager- thanks for the site….Checked it out and found some nice tips.

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    Quality content is hard to find. This blog is a pretty good one.


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    Congrats on the 100th post! Web Manager– thanks for the site….Checked it out and found some nice tips.

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    Wow .. 100 posts already. Congrats and good luck for the future

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    Hi James, other than Wayne State Blog, 5 blogs are really good, Here in India that blog is not loaded or prohibited. And my congratulations for your 100th post. really a meaningfull job.

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    good post. thank you By Founder

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    In Europe lifelong learning takes now has a different approach, we hope to see more development as a result of new legislation, good luck all teachers!

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    Great post. Lot’s of good content.

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    Great idea for a post and thanks for the great reading tips. Our local Ed blogs in Florida leave a bit to be desired.

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    I see I’m a little late finding this post! Just a couple years old. Anyway, I’ll be sure to check out these blogs. Always looking for some good reading.

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    I see I’m a little late finding this post! Just a couple years old. Anyway, I’ll be sure to check out these blogs. Always looking for some good reading.

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    Thanks.. Good article..


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