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“Repent! Collaborator,” Said the Higher Ed Beancounterman

Thursday, February 19,


“Even in the cubicles of the hierarchy, where fear was generated, seldom suffered, he was called the Ticktockman. But no one called him that to his mask. You don’t call a man a hated name, not when that man is capable of revoking the minutes, the hours, the days and nights, the years or your [...]

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Guru Interviews: Shelby Thayer, Penn State University

Monday, February 2,


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HootSuite: Twitter Tool with actual Business Value

Tuesday, January 27,


There has been so much discussion about Twitter over the last six months and it seems like for the last year in Higher Education we have been searching for an actual business value from the service.  Heck we have talked about it a good many times on this blog and some of those posts that [...]

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What Makes Your Institution Unique?

Wednesday, January 21,


Honestly sit back for a second and ask yourself this one simple question.  What makes your school different and unique? What do you offer that is so special that makes your institution stand out from your peers and benchmark competition?  Why is a student going to pay tens of thousand dollars to get an education [...]

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Email is about hitting your user over the head with a sledgehammer

Thursday, January 8,


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Links of the Week October 24th

Friday, October 24,

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Did you miss me?  It’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted a Links of the Week…  I’ve been busy.  Honestly I’m finding it harder and harder to identify unique and outstanding mind stimulating reading material.  Maybe that’s because I’ve been reading so much especially over the last ten months?  Maybe it’s because I’m not [...]

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.eduGuru Gear, Get It Now!

Thursday, October 23,


So a few weeks ago I promised a .eduGuru shirt was coming soon and even tossed out a few lines for potential shirt quotes to let people vote on them.  I’ve had a lot of fun building .eduGuru.  I’m always trying to think of new ways to build this blog that is starting to becoming [...]

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Why do email marketing?

Thursday, October 16,


Why do email marketing? Mark Brownlow’s post on of that title on Email Marketing Reports presents an excellent argument about why email marketing is still relevant, despite all the claims of its death.  Here are the highlights: 

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All of HighEdWeb

Monday, October 6,


Are you live blogging HighEduWeb? Leave a comment and I’ll add your posts! Follow it Live on Twitter »

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Links of the Week: 5 Higher Ed Web Blogs You Probably Haven’t Heard of Worth Reading

Friday, August 8,


So last week was probably the first time in six months that I didn’t have a weekly links of the weeks post and I’m going to keep that trend an additional week. Part of being a good blogger is being a good reader and finding out what is going on out in the blogosphere and [...]

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