Wofford Monthly Web Analytics Summary - March

Just a quick post.  I just finished compiling Wofford’s analytical data for March.  Since my Google Analytics training I’ve been setting up a lot of different profiles so next month I should be able to pull out some other specific data like off-campus visitors.  We are also installing the tracking code on our blogs this week so that should provide much more interesting data than what Feedburner currently gives us.  If your new to my blog and want to understand more about what I’m trying to do with this tracking you might want to check outAn Intro to Web Analytics - Wofford Monthly Web Analytics Summary - Feb .

studyanalytics Wofford Monthly Web Analytics Summary   March

Attached is the full report.  Visits and Pageviews are significantly up, but that’s mostly because I found some pages that weren’t tracking properly and fixed the pages.  Enjoy.

March 2008 Wofford Web Analytic Report