Upcoming HighEd Tweetup in Boston

If you haven’t been following the Twitter conversation on #HEtweetup, I’m finally getting in gear to do a gathering of higher education Web people in the Boston and surrounding area.  For this southern boy, being in New England is different enough, but honestly the only people I know around here either work at HubSpot or are my higher ed Web friends on Twitter, most of which I’ve never actually met.  So, let’s try and remedy that and meet-up!  Oh, and HELP ME GET THE WORD OUT!

The Information on the Event

tweetup logo Upcoming HighEd Tweetup in Boston

Please RSVP if you are coming, as I need an exact head count for the restaurant.  As far as it being strictly higher education people, we obviously aren’t being super critical about that, as this blog is the extent of my current connection with higher education. Please join us!

Check out the event on Upcoming.
Location: Lucky’s Lounge

So, come out and meet all the people that you tweet with, but might have never actually met in person. Even if you are way out of town Lucky’s is close to the airport, so fly in and hang out anyway!

6 Responses to “Upcoming HighEd Tweetup in Boston”

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    You bet I’ll be there. Right after the Extreme Beer Fest. And right before an early morning flight. Fun!

  2. Says:

    Maybe we should tell Lucky’s Lounge that they should use text, not Flash, for their address because if they use the latter, PEOPLE CAN’T READ IT ON AN IPHONE! Sorry for the rant…. Still trying to work out schedule so I can attend.

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    What type of higher ed people are you looking for. I will definitely try to get there and can invite the admissions crowd if you are interested. Let me know more about the event and what you are thinking.

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      There really isn’t anything more specific than that. Just a bunch of Higher Education people meeting up and networking. Feel free to invite, but please make sure that you RSVP so I can give Lucky’s a final count on Thursday of what to expect. Thanks.

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    If I weren’t in Singapore I totally would have tried to make the trip. Lame excuse, right? Have a blast, take pics.

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    If I were in Singapore I totally would have made the trip. But can’t get a direct flight out of Green Bay. Lame excuse, probably even heard it before.