Why Social Media Comes Last - Presentation from #edSocialMedia

Why Social Media Comes Last – Presentation from #edSocialMedia

It has been over a year since I first made the argument that social media comes last.  Today at the edSocialMedia Summit in Boston I dug a little more in actually explaining WHY.  This whole conference being on social media it was a little bit of a bold mood to explain why this is the last piece in the puzzle.

Keynote speaker Ben Jones from Oberlin College made the comment that I’m sure you preach at your school: “Strategy first, tools second”.  This comment lead so well into my presentation because strategy before making the jump into social media was the focus on my presentation.

Below you can see the 77 slides.  As always I have a tenancy to overdo it, but everyone should be able to find some key takeaway with actionable steps they can use today.  Also for anyone who has seen one of my presentations you might recognize some of the ideas from other presentations.


Social Media Comes Last #edSocialMedia

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