Travel Recruitment: Why the Web Matters

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Travel Recruitment: Why the Web Matters

Admissions Offices usually plan their fall travel season during the summer, based on future recruitment and enrollment goals, establishing good connections with local high schools, or revisiting historically successful fairs. But - how often do recruiters and web/marketing offices meet before travel season begins? There’s a few reasons why your web/marketing team should reach out to Admissions while they’re planning travel this summer.

1. Website analytics to find new markets

You’re probably already using analytics to track website and marketing goals. Use them to seek out new markets that recruiters may not have visited in the past. We use Google Analytics here at Emerson College, so I go to Visitors section then Map Overlay and drill down by state and city. If you find some popular areas, add the Landing Page as a dimension - if they’re looking at your academics or admissions pages, you may have some success in recruiting prospective students from those areas.

Picture 11 Travel Recruitment: Why the Web Matters

Key areas in Massachusetts according to website traffic

2. Web videos to support presentations

There’s only so much an Admissions representative can describe about your college in words. Why not put together a web video playlist to support their presentation? If you have videos describing student life, campus facilities, and academic programs, collect them into a single playlist directed toward prospective students.

3. Travel schedule on the Admissions website

This is an easy one to forget, but it could make the most impact. Be sure to list the dates and locations of your Admissions travel schedule online. To make reservations even easier, create shared Google Docs forms as sign-up sheets for each event. Admissions representatives can easily track their attendance at each event, then deliver information about their new recruits back to the office - all online.

4. Print materials to direct students back to your website

Take a look at the printed materials your Admissions representatives use while traveling. Are there specific areas on your college’s website they should know about? Are you working hard to develop a community on a social media platform and want prospective students to be aware of it? Include links to those areas on inquiry cards, handouts and displays.

5. Relevant blogging topics

If you have current students blogging for the college, why not use your Admissions representatives as a source for blog topics? They are connecting with prospective students on the front lines and will have the best knowledge of what those students want to know. It’s a great way to present relevant content in your marketing initiatives.

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    Matt Blum Says:

    Great post Mike,
    I especially agree with #4, in my humble opinion it is always important to have a “call to action” back to your website…Also, I have been reading secondary pages are going to be more important than ever this year!

    Happy 4th of July

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    Great Post, I enjoyed reading this. I would agree with number 5!


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    Gordon Melton Says:

    Yeh I also think number 4 is important, you need to make people aware of your site accross all materials. With the rise of social media also, it is important to have facebook and twitter addresses.


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    I have been reading secondary pages are going to be more important than ever this year!


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