.eduGuru Summit Starts Tomorrow #eduGuruSummit

The last few months have flown by, but today we are on the eve of .eduGuru history!  Tomorrow is the first .eduGuru Summit.  This live online higher education internet marketing and web development conference is a huge step forward for .eduGuru and we hope that you will be attending!

Everything has been updated on the conference website but many of you have asked about the schedule, so I wanted to also publish that here just to make sure that everyone knows.  All the times on the conference website are in central time, but because I’m on the east coast (and I can) I’m going to publish them all here in eastern time.

Tuesday’s Marketing Track Sessions

  • 10AM ET - Prized Bargain Bin MoMA with Georgy Cohen
  • 11AM ET – Social Media for Retention and Graduation with Director of Web Communication
  • 12PM (Noon) ET - Boosting Service with Social Media with Web Manager
  • 2PM ET - Learning from the Insane Clown Posse with Head of Marketing
  • 3PM ET - Integrated Student Ambassador Program with Mallory Wood
  • 4PM ET - Web Governance in Higher Education with Mark Greenfield

Wednesday’s Technical Track Sessions

  • 10AM ET - Golden Rule of the Web with Associate Director
  • 11AM ET - Semantics on the Web and You: Why? with Jason Woodward
  • 12PM (Noon) ET - Head First Video Strategy with Director of Web Marketing
  • 2PM ET - Next Level Live Streaming with Seth Odell
  • 3PM ET - SEO Tools for a College Web Rockstar with Founder
  • 4PM ET - 10 Years in the Hole with Dylan Wilbanks

Are You Coming?

So have you signed up yet?  Hopefully you will agree we’ve put together a pretty serious group of kick butt higher education web experts to share their knowledge with you!  The great thing about doing the whole conference online is we were able to keep the costs low and you don’t have to worry about any jet-lag issues.

Finally, the official hashtag of the event is #eduGuruSummit.  We probably could have come up with something shorter but this way there is no doubt people will know exactly what you are talking about.  See you tomorrow!

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