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Director of Web Marketingjoined Pittsburg State University in Pittsburg, KS (NOT Pennsylvania, they spell it wrong anyway) inand is currently the Director of Web Marketing.  He is also CTO for the interactive map provider nuCloud. Web development's role in interpersonal communication is a principle focus of his efforts to improve and enhance higher ed web commodities.  He is an active supporter of the dotCMS community, accessibility advocate, freelance consultant, frequent speaker at web events, and general purpose geek who wears many hats.  Read his complete bio.

Best of the Mobile Higher Ed Web

Monday, May 17,


One by one, colleges and universities are taking the next step in web development and moving towards addressing mobile needs. The mobile based web has already begun its move to create another technological generation. In this way, the Internet (as a proper noun), has truly become a force of nature. Its ubiquitous nature is an [...]

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How Victor Valley College is Using OmniUpdate’s OU Campus

Monday, May 10,

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When we started using OU Campus in October of 2006, we signed up for the 25-user license package, and opted for the SaaS (software-as-a-service) model or ‘hosted‘ plan, where OmniUpdate handles the hosting and delivery of the service to us, and all CMS users access the system solely through a web browser . At that [...]

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How Edinboro University is Using dotCMS

Wednesday, May 5,


At Edinboro University we use a content management system called dotCMS.  dotCMS is an Enterprise-level, open source CMS and is based on Java.  dotCMS also integrates with many well-known open source technologies such as:

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Facebook Hates Your Brand

Friday, April 30,


Have you ever heard the phrase how you can have too much of a good thing? That’s sort of how I feel about Facebook’s move to add Community Pages. I understand it. It’s not that it doesn’t make some sense. But it feels very much like a case of execution before consideration. They thought it [...]

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How Le Moyne College is Using DotNetNuke

Tuesday, April 13,

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In the beginning, Le Moyne College’s main website was powered by a set of static web pages with a small dose of custom-written ASP to serve as our first entry into content management.  As typically happens on campuses everywhere, as Le Moyne began a branding revision in 2008, one common theme that was echoed across [...]

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CO to State Facebook Users: “Shut. Down. EVERYTHING.”

Thursday, April 8,


Wednesday we received information that was both surprising and almost unbelievable from a friend and reader of ours over in Colorado. After some digging and communication with other contacts we have confirmed with other schools and the CO State Controller that it appears that the state of Colorado has advised state agencies, including higher ed, [...]

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How Duke University is Using Drupal

Tuesday, April 6,


Lately, I have heard Drupal referred to as a “framework” in addition to a content management system. After building several Drupal sites, I would have to agree. A core Drupal installation gives you very little to start with. However, with the help of widely-used contributed modules, you can build anything from a personal blog, up [...]

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Get on the Cluetrain

Monday, April 5,


Would you like your very own, shiny copy of The Cluetrain Manifesto by Rick Levine, Christopher Locke, Doc Searls, and David Weinberger? Of course you do, it’s an awesome book, and I want to help you get it. And believe it or not, it’ll be FREE (as in beer).

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Presentation Notes from Google Wave in Higher Education

Thursday, March 18,


This week I talked to a group at theHELIX conference, sponsored by MOREnet. MOREnet is one of the high level networking authorities that provides connectivity services for educational entities in Missouri. My presentation discussed Google Wave’s place in the current and future plans of higher education. Below, you can find an outline of [...]

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[Results] Higher Ed CMS Usage

Wednesday, March 17,


At the end of February, .eduGuru set out to begin another round of research on a trend in higher ed web development. This time, we took a look at the CMSs being used from school to school. Which CMS to use for a university is a question that lingers in forums and on mailing lists [...]

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