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Director of Web Marketingjoined Pittsburg State University in Pittsburg, KS (NOT Pennsylvania, they spell it wrong anyway) inand is currently the Director of Web Marketing.  He is also CTO for the interactive map provider nuCloud. Web development's role in interpersonal communication is a principle focus of his efforts to improve and enhance higher ed web commodities.  He is an active supporter of the dotCMS community, accessibility advocate, freelance consultant, frequent speaker at web events, and general purpose geek who wears many hats.  Read his complete bio.

Get on the Cluetrain

Monday, April 5,


Would you like your very own, shiny copy of The Cluetrain Manifesto by Rick Levine, Christopher Locke, Doc Searls, and David Weinberger? Of course you do, it’s an awesome book, and I want to help you get it. And believe it or not, it’ll be FREE (as in beer).

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Presentation Notes from Google Wave in Higher Education

Thursday, March 18,


This week I talked to a group at theHELIX conference, sponsored by MOREnet. MOREnet is one of the high level networking authorities that provides connectivity services for educational entities in Missouri. My presentation discussed Google Wave’s place in the current and future plans of higher education. Below, you can find an outline of [...]

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[Results] Higher Ed CMS Usage

Wednesday, March 17,


At the end of February, .eduGuru set out to begin another round of research on a trend in higher ed web development. This time, we took a look at the CMSs being used from school to school. Which CMS to use for a university is a question that lingers in forums and on mailing lists [...]

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[Guru Survey] Higher Ed CMS Usage

Tuesday, March 2,


If there is one question that serves as the elephant in the room for higher education web development, it’s: “What CMS should I use?” The question is common, but not at all simple, and research data is not easy to come by. We would like to provide some helpful information in this area, and have [...]

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The Web Singularity is Near

Friday, February 5,


I should probably feel terrible for making a play on Ray Kurzweil’s famous book title, because I don’t think I’m quite good enough to borrow from someone like him. But, I did it anyway. I know, I’m without shame. I’ve come to terms with that. I want to go a little editorial on you all [...]

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Want help? Ask the Gurus!

Wednesday, February 3,


Okay, today marks the launch of an exciting new experiment - and hopefully permanent addition to the .eduGuru web site. We all have a lot of resources at our disposal in our day to day job, and we want you to consider us among them. So, to kick this off, note the new button in [...]

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[Results] Are Classes in Your Toolbox?

Friday, January 29,


Towards the end of 2009, we started a new survey of higher ed web professionals to take a look at one potential way that you are using the resources around you. The question centered on a fairly simple, central concept: odds are that on your campus you have classes teaching the creation of different kinds [...]

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IMHO 7 Reasons Why Higher Ed Is the Best Gig in All the Web

Thursday, January 28,


Okay, I simply couldn’t resist tossing out a counterpoint here. This topic was started by Mark Greenfield (who was following up on a Steve Krug presentation) and continued here recently by my colleague Nikki. The reason that I want to run this from the other side is twofold: one, sometimes we just need a boost.  [...]

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Best Admission Uses of Twitter

Monday, January 11,


For 2010, it is safe to expect that Twitter will not see a diminished roll in university marketing and admissions strategy plans. However, it’s hard to avoid that some people will be coming to the web guys to have them set up their admissions office with Twitter (or will do it themselves), but then will [...]

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[Guru Survey] Are Classes In Your Toolbox?

Monday, December 7,

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Good budgeting includes doing effective resource management. The web has to produce a lot of different media, and so making the most of our resources is extremely important. This is becoming increasingly important as we’re asked to do more with less. The neat thing about higher ed though is that we have access to a [...]

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