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Content is More Important than Design

Wednesday, May 27,


Now I know that some web designers out there can’t wait to get to the comment section to “rip me a new one,” but please humor me and read through my reasoning here.  I hope you will see this is a well thought out and valid argument worth your time.  Then after reading you are [...]

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3 Social Media Assumptions Not to Make

Friday, May 8,


Reflecting on Rachel’s 25th birthday post last week, I’m going to feel old with this opening anecdote, but here goes…

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What’s an Appropriate Response Time to Inquirers?

Monday, January 19,


About ten years ago when e-mail became mainstream at colleges/universities, departments were skittish about having a separate dedicated e-mail account as a way for their customers to contact them. They worried about work load creep, and customers expecting a quick turn around time for responses. Most of these folks still preferred to be tied up [...]

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One Client to Instant Message Them All

Tuesday, December 30,


So you are like most people, most people meaning a techie who reads this blog, and have more than one Instant Messaging client that you use to stay connected with your network.  Maybe if you have a good long term memory you remember the post I wrote about ping.fm being your master status update service [...]

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Your Vote is in and Guess What? It Counted

Monday, December 1,


The polls have closed and all votes have been added up and counted. In the end 75 of you blessed us with your vote. We listened. With little to no deliberating by the staff we are pleased to announce that we are adding the three highest vote getters to the staff! We would like to [...]

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It’s Time To Vote For Your Favorite Guest Blogger

Monday, November 24,


Did you enjoy the guest posts last week?  I enjoyed taking a week off blogging, although I still had to manage and publish everything, but still…  This contest has been a smashing success beyond anything I could have imagined, but now it’s time for YOU to vote on who you want to see continue to [...]

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Want a .eduGuru T-Shirt? Links of the Week Edition

Friday, October 3,


Head of Marketing and I have been throwing around a few crazy ideas for .eduGuru that for some reason just sounded like a lot of fun.  Lots of free time and not enough work pretty much describe our current work situation…  Doubt it!  So in humoring ourself we prentended like we have a cult following of readers, [...]

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An Introduction to Social Networks Presentation

Wednesday, August 6,


Today I presented an “Introduction to Social Networks” at the Spartanburg Chamber of Commerce.  The presentation was designed more towards local businesses, but all the examples I used were specifically Wofford’s Social Network campaigns.  We did record the presentation, but the audio came out as nothing so it’s not worth even sharing online.  Despite that [...]

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Making a Status Updates Across the Social Media Universe

Wednesday, June 11,


Director of Web Marketing introduced this nice tip last week so I definitely want to give him a hat tip! You can read his full post about it, Pingilactic, you say?, for additional details. If you are into all the social media buzz and want to stay in touch with lots of friends across multiple sites then [...]

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Do you monitor your Institutes online identity? Here are some tools to help.

Monday, March 10,


In the last few weeks a few new tools have come out to help in monitoring an online identity.  Because of this I think it’s important to take a deeper look into what to monitor.  As if you didn’t already have enough things to do in a normal day, there is a whole list of things that require regular monitoring.   Although this article [...]

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