Designing a Custom Flip Cam

How is this for great - one of the first things I got to do after being officially hired by Fire Engine RED was design and buy a Flip MinoHD to use at NACAC.  After conferring with Keith, a fellow new FER employee and a compatriot from an old job, I opted for one of our favorite viral video characters, Salad Fingers (Keith went for a Steelers football helmet).


Never heard of Salad Fingers? Consider this your opportunity to get introduced to one of the most AWESOME cartoons ever. It’s also a bit disturbing. Consider yourself warned.

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I just received my Flip in the mail today and, I have to say, I’m pretty impressed with the quality:

Start with an image that is 600px X 1200px.  This is the recommended size and dimensions to make sure your design works when it’s put on the camera. You also have to navigate around the lens and band, as well as the Flip logo on the lower right hand side.  Download this template to use when you’re creating your masterpiece - it will show you where these items are so you can design around them.

Once you have your image, visit Flip’s website and .

Once you’ve uploaded it, you have a limited number of options, including positioning, rotating the image, and scaling it.  Just keep playing with your image until you get it exactly right, and then make your purchase. I received mine a week after purchasing, so it was a pretty quick process.

How does this apply to higher ed? One of the easiest things you can do to create content for your YouTube channel is to give your student bloggers a Flip cam and let them go to town. Why not brand your cameras with institutional logos? Or give your students a bonus and let them design their own camera, to keep, as payment for doing the grunt work for you.

Or this might not apply to your job at all and you just want to design yourself a really cool Flip cam icon smile Designing a Custom Flip Cam

11 Responses to “Designing a Custom Flip Cam”

  1. Says:

    Why would I not design a custom Flip cam? Because the Kodak Zi8 > Flip Cameras. :) 1080P resolution, external storage, external battery, external mic attachment. I see the novelty in it, but for the price/quality vs. Kodak’s cameras, just can’t get myself to promote the Flip anymore.

  2. Says:

    You’re such a snob :-P

    Isn’t all the external stuff exactly the point of going with a Flip in the first place? I’d rather just carry one little thing around. I might sacrifice on quality a little…but I’m OK with that. I really don’t feel like I need much more than the MinoHD has anyway.

  3. Says:

    You want to pay more to not be able to replace batteries when they die or upgrade your storage to 32GB without buying a new camera?

    Sounds more like an iPod to me. :P

  4. Says:

    No I’ll pay more to get a Salad Fingers camera lol

    But also I don’t necessarily want (or need) to carry around replacement batteries and I don’t need more storage. The things you’re talking about I just don’t find valuable at all (though I’m not saying that I can’t imagine some people would)

    And what’s your problem with iPods now? I think, like a true technology pundit, you just like railing on things :-P

  5. Says:

    Also Brad, it was the one I was ASKED to buy by my new boss LOL….I’m not going to argue :-)

  6. Says:

    They’re both great cameras. I’ve had a Flip and a Kodak, but I like to have options and better quality for a much lower price point.

    My biggest beef with the Flip when using for student bloggers was that the warranty is only 90 days compared to 1 year for the Kodak. Sure enough, our Flip was dropped about 95 days in, and Flip said “tough luck”. You’ve gotta expect some serious wear and tear when it comes to student bloggers. :)

  7. Says:

    See the warranty thing is a far more valid argument to me. Maybe Flip will step up their game with the competition?

  8. Says:

    WoW, what a cute yet outstanding cartoon, Head of Marketing . I’m going to share this stuff with my family and friends! :)

  9. Says:

    Its very good looking and regarding features i think its better in flip series.

  10. Says:

    Recently I bought this Flip MinoHD Camcorder . I really love it. I am almost addicted and now a day carrying to work also to shoot meetings and white board notes.

  11. Says:

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