The Social Marketing Campaign: Are You Social? We Are!

besocial ad The Social Marketing Campaign: Are You Social? We Are!The following is a guest post by Paul Prewitt the Electronic Communications Coordinator at the University of Arkansas Alumni Association.  Paul was kind enough to share the inside scoop on their Social Marketing efforts. You can contact Paul online at ( or connect through twitter.

By now most people have come to agree that Social Media is here to stay and that if you can endeavor down the social road map then you’d best start running as there is no “last place” prize. The “Are You Social? We Are!” campaign is the University of Arkansas Alumni Associations road map for the race.

Alumni Relations = Social Marketing

In the case of an alumni relation’s office we looked at Social Marketing and said “why not” after all we are in the business of “building relationships and connections”. This is where we get the second part of our campaign “get connected with fellow alumni and friends today and stay up to date” along with the name “”.

Although we do have bigger plans than just connecting people with each other and the University that is where we have decided to start (you must pace yourself to win the 5k).

Why all six Social Mediums?

The truth is that several of our social mediums were actually started by our alumni and friends so all we had to do was add them in and keep running. The nice part about this is that we’ll be able to track and see which of the social mediums is the most popular for our audiences along with the most effective for our goals.

What’s next? Be Social!

For now our primary goal is going to be “growth” along with “being social”. We cannot forget that the whole reason behind these is to “Be Social” so we must strive to make sure that we are actually keeping up with them as much as they are keeping up with us. That means that we’ll have to be actively replying to posts or comments made and following up with them.

besocial prelaunch stats The Social Marketing Campaign: Are You Social? We Are!
Our stats before launching any marketing or promotions

I look forward to sharing our results with everyone in the future; make sure to check out to see how we finish in the different parts of this race.

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    Right on! I’ve found through various test that there is no one single social media platform that rules them all. Going social requires a certain amount of PR, Marketing, and upkeep, and while no one platform will cause dramatic results, combine them all together, and you’re set for an explosive mix of community.

    Well said sir!

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    Hi Kyle,
    Did you create that graphic? May I borrow it (with proper credit to you)? I’m doing an online staff development for teachers on social networking and your graphic would be awesome to use.

    Please email me with your response.

    Kolbert at

    Thank you,

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    Please feel free to utilize the graphic as needed.