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Founderis currently the Customer in Residence at HubSpot, a Co-Founder at nuCloud and  formerly the webmaster at Wofford College. Founderis an active contributor in the social media spectrum. Although his background is technical, he claims to know a thing or two about marketing, but mostly that revolves around SEO, analytics, blogging, and social media. He has spoken at multiple national conferences and done countless webinars on topics ranging from e-mail marketing to social media and Web analytics. He's definitely a fairly nice guy.

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Book Review: Problem Solving 101 – A Simple Book For Smart People

Wednesday, July 21,

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Anyone that has read this blog for any time knows that I consider myself a problem solver first and a web/tech guy second.  A few weeks ago I presented a problem solving presentation deck and even further back I’ve talked about how to optimize your email habits, RSS reading time and establishing oneself as an [...]

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Another Use for Powerpoint – Problem Solving Deck

Thursday, July 8,


I’ve always said that I don’t really consider myself a technology or a web person.  Instead I think of myself as more of a problem solver through technology.  If you remember a while back I wrote a blog post on Email Management Best Practices.  I very much know the challenges and problems with letting an [...]

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WhippleHill Summit Slides: SEO Best Practices: Hitting the Low Hanging Fruit

Thursday, June 24,


This morning I did a webinar for the WhippleHill Summit.  It was suppose to be part of a conference for independent schools in Nashville, TN, but because of the recent floods the whole conference was canceled.  The team at WhippleHill still wanted to do the presentations from the conference any way possible so they keep [...]

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Website Optimization: The Why and How (Part II)

Wednesday, June 16,


In my post yesterday I talked about why it is important to optimize your website. This post will focus on how to do that.

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Website Optimization: The Why and How (Part I)

Tuesday, June 15,


When I talk about web optimization I’m specifically talking about all the technical things that you can do to speed up the load time of your web pages.  Let’s be honest, there are A LOT of things that you can do to improve this as we will cover over this two part article.  The first [...]

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Introducing The Governors Challenge

Wednesday, May 26,


We would like to extend an invitation to any and all interested to participate in our DMSC Governors Challenge Virtual Institute Summerby 1. submitting media from your students and faculty representing your institutions and/or by 2. registering to judge the media during our Institute using our semantic assessment model.

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Online Lead Generation: It’s Not Just for For-Profits Anymore

Tuesday, May 25,


Back in the glory days of higher education, all colleges had to do to recruit students was to build some ornate stone towers and a reputation for academic excellence and students would flock their doors. But unfortunately, that is no longer the case. There are now roughly 6000 post-secondary institutions in the U.S. and last [...]

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A “How To” On Foursquare

Monday, May 24,


A few weeks ago I wrote an article for higher education marketers introducing them to Foursquare.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with Foursquare, it is a location-based social network that also doubles as a game.  By becoming a mayor and gaining badges there are certain addicting elements to the whole experience.  It is definitely [...]

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Foursquare: What Does It Really Mean To Your University?

Monday, April 26,


For any of you that are in my social network of friends on Facebook or Twitter, you might have noticed that I have been rather active on Foursquare lately.  Ok, that is a real understatement, I’m a complete addict.  I’ve gone so far as creating a whole website with all the hard to find Foursquare [...]

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Inbound Marketing Success Story and Takeaway

Monday, April 19,


Disclaimer: I work at HubSpot.  Many of you who read this blog already know that, but I still want to be extremely transparent before I write this.  I’ve also worked at a college for six years, so I’ve been there and done that too.

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