eduTweetups – A Directory of #highered Tweetups, Hashtags & Twitter Chats

eduTweetups – A Directory of #highered Tweetups, Hashtags & Twitter Chats

Twitter is an amazing tool for connecting with other higher education professionals. Thought leaders in marketing, web development, student affairs, alumni relations, admissions and other areas create conversations by sharing links and opinions daily. If you’re new to Twitter, or just looking to connect with other professionals, you might think, “How do I get in on the conversation?”

Following conference hashtags, tweetups and Twitter chats are great ways to connect with higher education professionals. How do you find them? You can use

What is eduTweetups?

eduTweetups is a running directory and calendar of higher education-focused conference hashtags, tweetups and Twitter chats.

I built this site hoping to grow the higher education community on Twitter and help connect individuals looking for advice or answers on specific topics. The goal is to collect and share upcoming and ongoing events with the higher education community.

Submit your hashtag or event

Visit today to contribute your events or regular Twitter chats! Also, follow @edutweetups on Twitter to get a feed of the newest events up on the site.

The site is powered by the community - so I thank you in advance for submitting events and hashtags to help grow the directory!

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    Automated Webinar Says:

    Mike, Thanks for the heads up on this. My buddy has been really pushing me to start networking on Twitter… but I always fail to see the benefit of the site (seems like a lot of noise). However, this might be exactly what the doctor ordered.


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