twitter logo HighEdWebTwitterersFollowing the success of my post at eduWEB of Twitter’ers I decided to be a little proactive this time and started a discussion in the HighEdWeb Ning group asking who is on Twitter.  Who would have thought that it would be this successful?

If you would like to be added please respond to the thread over on Ning or leave a comment and I’ll be updating this list through the conference.

Live Updates

I don’t plan on live blogging the conference, but fellow .eduGuru, Director of Web Marketing, has reported that he is up for the challenge!  If anyone would like to live blog the conference for .eduGuru let’s talk.  I do plan on streaming presentations that I attend and have setup a Ustream channel for such.  So follow me on twitter and I’ll broadcast when a presentation is going live.  Of course they will all be archived for viewing later. So the wireless is so bad I can’t livestream, but I am recording presentations.  So coming soon.

I’m presenting Tuesday morning @ 9:45.

Hello, Is Anyone Out There?  Using Web Analytics To Understand Your Audience

I’d love people to attend, but the truth is if you are a regular reader of this blog and my recent posts about Analytics specifically Google Analytics then you are probably in pretty good shape.  Besides there are four other tracks to check in that time slot and I’ll find someone to live stream and save the video of my presentation.

Updated: 0ct 6th, 9:06AM CST Continuing to add new users.  Keep them coming guys!

Updated: Oct 7th, 8:45AM CST Adding more users also began uploading videos to Web.  You can watch Veen keynote Address.  Make sure you grab the slides to go along with it.

The Twitter List

  • kylejames - well that’s me duh and I’m Webmaster @ Wofford College I also post stupid stuff over at Kyle-James.com.
  • fienen - Blogger right here on .eduGuru and over at SuperSatellite also Web Marketing Manager @ Pittsburg State University
  • mherzber - Blogger over @ Matt Herzberger and Web Philosopher @ Texas A&M
  • run4central - Blogger @ Central College Web Marketing and Marketing Web Manager @
    Central College
  • joelgoodman - Blogger @ Joel G Goodman and Web Content Coordinator @ Greenville College
  • sleary - Personal blog sillybean.net and Website Administrator @ University Writing Center @ Texas A&M
  • gilzow - Blogger @ Interface_ and Programmer/Analyst-Expert @ University of Missouri
  • jimmyschweig - Electronic Communitcation Manager in Admissions @ Morningside College
  • kyleford - Blogger @ House of Kyle and Director of Product MarketingNing
  • jjsteffe - Blogger @ Vagabond by Nature and Internet Administrator - Expert @ University of Missouri
  • carri_saari - Blogger @ My Tuition Condition and Technology Project Coordinator @ UMass Medical School
  • tsand - Blogger @ utodd.com and Student Affairs Webmaster @ UW-Green Bay
  • timroe - Project Manager, Web Services @ Butler University
  • apetersen - Assistant Director of Electronic Communication, Undergraduate Admissions @ Penn State
  • natzg - Webmaster/Web Developer @ Delaware State University
  • smcl - Director of Web and New Media @ Missouri State University
  • cdulude - Blog @ christinadulude.com and Web Developer @ Duke University
  • ganyardp - University Webmaster @ UW-Green Bay
  • rieye - Webmaster @ Lynchburg College
  • jtoddb - Managing Director @ dotmarketing
  • smeranda - Blogger @ Interactive Media for Higher Education and User Experience Architect @ University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  • tonydunn - Blogger @ Tales from RedesignlandFuture Endeavour and WCMS guy from Chico State
  • emarg0ed - New Media Producer @ Missouri State University
  • mhostad - Webmaster @ University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
  • stomer - Blogger @ Megg Brown.com and Asst. Dir of Web Development @ Vassar College
  • radiofreegeorgy - Managing Editor of Web Communications @ Tufts University
  • chiefshu - Academic Support @ Eastern Kentucky University
  • mjeltema - Web guy turned IT management @ Calvin College
  • luker - Blogger @ Luker and Web Manager @ Calvin College
  • carlenek - Web Services Manager @ Texas Tech
  • SvenAas - Web Team Lead @ Mount Holyoke College
  • dgoldentyer - Manager, Online Marketing @ Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley
  • jenn_xer - Director of University Web Communications @ The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston
  • eironae - Web Site Coordinator @ Southern Arkansas University
  • frommelt - University World Wide Web Coordinator @ University of Wisconsin - Platteville
  • ilikephysics - Personal Blog @ Pocket Full of Sunshine and Web Content Editor @ Tarrant County College
  • jacksonj -
  • camsjo - Director of E-communications @ Berry College
  • NikkiMK06 -
  • writetrev -
  • elliemay -
  • veen -
  • veanndesign -
  • DesignDyke - Online Marketing Coordinator @ University of Sydney
  • thomasthecat - Manager, Web Design and Support @ Southeast Missouri State University
  • starmadilla - Assistant Director Information Strategies Student Involvement
    University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  • gsackett - Web Content Supervisor @ St. Louis Community College
  • miss_sociable - Web Marketing Coordinator @ the University of Charleston in Charleston WV
  • jodycb - Webmaster/Graphic Designer @ St. John Fisher College

Not Here but Virtually Here and Tweeting with us.  Ok so maybe this is my list of eduWEB Twitters, but I’m sure they will be listening and know the bloggers won’t mind the link love and twitters the new connections.

  • Head of Marketing M - is completes the trilogy of .eduGuru bloggers and Blogs @ Head of Marketing and is the Web Producer @ Dartmouth College
  • jamiehs - Assistant Director of Enrollment Systems @ Marian College
  • bradjward - Blogger over @ SquaredPeg and Co-Founder of BlogHighEd Electronic Communication Coordinator @ Butler University
  • draftmotif - Blogger @ Draft Motif and Electronic Communications Coordinator for the Arkansas Alumni Association @ University of Arkansas
  • sayitaintjonas - website @ MrCatto.com and Web Developer @ USC Upstate
  • karinejoly - Blogger over at CollegeWebEditor and the expert behind HigherEdExperts
  • markgr - Blogger over at his personal blog Mark Greenfield
  • rachelwebster - Director of Web Communication & Strategic Projects @ SUNY New Paltz
  • hacool - Blogger over at Case Web Development Blog
  • mmbc - eStrategy Consultant Web & Social Media Academica Group Inc
  • circa1978 - creator of eduStyle and he blogs over there also
  • mrichwalsky - Blogger over @ HighEdWebTech and Asst. Director of Public Affairs @ Allegheny College
  • brianwmniles - Blogger @ The Recruiting Revolution and CEO of TargetX
  • dayan - Webmaster @ Framingham State College
  • ehodgso
  • billyadams - Blogger @ Billy Adams and Asst. Director of Communications for Recruitment @ University of Oklahoma
  • dfflanders
  • JimSix
  • derekluther
  • nShontz - Blogger over @ life|organized and Developer/System Analyst @ University of Montana
  • DaddyOh - Director of Web Services @ University of Richmond
  • DrewSMC
  • sethodell
  • nextsteph - Independent Web Consultant for Higher Education @ nextSTEPH
  • mjpowers - Director of Web Services @ Indiana University of Pennsylvania
  • joshtys - Web Communications Coordinator @ Allegheny College
  • mdlevy - Coordinator of Technology & Assessment for the School or Arts and Sciences @ University of Richmond
  • rachelbeanland - Director of Communications for the School or Arts and Sciences @ University of Richmond

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    draftmotif - Electronic Communications Coordinator for the Arkansas Alumni Association @ University of Arkansas (following virtually - pout, pout).

  2. Says:

    nwjerseyliz-Drew University

    I don’t know about EduWeb but there are plenty of academics on Twitter who aren’t listed here. Did you just want tech-affiliated folks or professors & PhD students as well?

  3. Says:

    good lord that’s an exhaustive list. I’m finding alot of neat feeds here. thanks!

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      I found your blog on my search engine and wanted to let you know that I like it! I just added you to my bookmarks. Really Impressive Stuff Here. I’m Looking forward to reading more of your posts in the future. Thanks Again - Chuck

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    Some links here might be interesting, better check them all out, thanks for the list.. and oh.. may I follow you on twitter?

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    Good idea - may try to implement a post of twitter ids for our site!

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