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Links of the Week May 30th

30. May


I’m still trying to catch up from my previous five day weekend, but still lots of good links to share. Also wanted to shoot another plug out for eduWEB Conference 2008! I just found out this week that I’ve been bumped up to a session slot and will be presenting on Email Marketing, basically walking [...]

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Unplugging for the Weekend

22. May


So tomorrow is going to be the first “Links of the Week” I’ll miss since this blog was started five months ago but I’m fully unplugging for the weekend and heading to the Indy 500 for Memorial Day Weekend. Usually I’m more of a Coca Cola 600 person as this is going to be only [...]

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Links of the Week May 16th

16. May


Wofford’s commencement is this weekend and Phillip Stone’s From the Archive blog has posted quite a few interesting posts about commencement over the last week. One that I found really interesting was one about Commencement at Wofford in 1858. Man things have changed over the last 150 years, but what an interesting look at how [...]

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Links of the Week (Remix) May 9th

So in tribute to a certain blog who’s traditionally known for their “Friday Five” series and who’s very hit or miss these days I’m going to attempt to cut down on the amount of links that I force feed my loyal readers. Some reason you keep coming back and that’s pretty cool, so thanks. The [...]

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Links of the Week May 2nd

Busy busy busy week… and I’m not really even sure why? I’ve got some really good projects and posts in the work to share if I can only find time to complete them and then write about them.

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Links of the Week April 25th

25. April


Either it’s been a really quiet week or I’ve been really busy. Nothing really special to report so onto the links.

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Links of the Week April 18th

18. April


An .edu domain selling it’s soul to bloggers has stirred up a lot of conversation this week. The issue revolves around .edu domains having a certain trust, prestige and nobleness that is separate from the rest of the web. Because of a grandfather clause and some legal loopholes an ingenious marketer is attempting to monetize [...]

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Links of the Week April 11th

11. April


The big news of the week is Yahoo’s acquisition of IndexTools.  I’m not saying this because of personal experience, but that appears to be the buzz from a lot of blogs that I follow.  Unfortunately I must admit I’ve never used IndexTools so I’m at a loss here.  Here are some links to what experts [...]

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Links of the Week April 4th

4. April


It’s been kind of a slow week as it was spring break at Wofford. 

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Links of the Week March 28th

28. March

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This week saw two big announcements.  First, as Brad reported yesterday YouTube releases Stats for Videos.  You can read more about this over at Official Google Blog.  This is great news for analytics junkies like myself.  I post some of Wofford’s more general videos to YouTube so it will be nice to get some more insight [...]

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