[ Survey ] The State of Higher Ed Video

[ Survey ] The State of Higher Ed Video

Time to kick off the new year with some reader interaction! Since we just released the results of our last survey, it’s prime time to see what we could gather next. This time, we’re diving into the wild world of video, and it’s a doozy. This survey will take a few minutes, but it will be time very well spent, as we are collecting a broad range of information on video usage in higher ed so that we can see just where we stand as an industry. We also want to help people understand where the baseline currently is for when they are making decisions about hosting, creating, and promoting video.

This survey will run through the month of January, so get your responses in and be sure to share this mamma-jamma with your friends and coworkers. Facebook it, retweet it, Digg it, heck, you could dance with it in a killer dance style retrospective YouTube video if it would help get responses. I’m okay with that. The more responses, the better quality the results - so let’s do this.

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